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The incredible automation day
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Next TIAD CAMP will be about Continuous Integration & Delivery , we invite you to a full-day dedicated to diversity in the IT world.
Let's meet, share & experiment!

TIAD, a Journey inside Automation.

TIAD offers the time, the tools & space to understand Automation and all the theory & practice around it. Thanks to inspiring speakers, live demos and interactive workshops, we give you the chance to LIVE the Automation your own way. Dedicated to IT professionals, TIAD is an inclusive event mixing developers & ops engineers, freelances & students, large companies & startups. As we are convinced that we learn better in a creative & an esthetic environment, TIAD was held this year at La Gaîté Lyrique, the place for cultures in the digital age, at the heart of Paris.

DeAutomation & Robotics

With the rise of robotics comes the question of a jobless future and the end of a certain know-how. To change this pessimistic state of mind, we will learn how to de-automate ourselves and master the technology thanks to automation.

Learn 2 Learn

As technologies evolve fast, our technical expertise is constantly called into question. In a world where the knowledge is accessible to everyone thanks to the web, the MOOCs and the digital (r)evolution, we need to learn how to develop new kind of knowledge and find the right balance between knowledge and expertise.


As we memorize better when we experiment and finally pleasure is in making, we'll organize maker / DIY workshops and / or live coding sessions.

Machine Learning & IoT

Take the chance to understand what is behind machine learning, artificial intelligence, and IoT and get prepared for the future present!

Applications Cloudification

Infra As Code, Blue-Green Deployment, API Management, Auto Scaling, all thanks to full-stack automation.

Automate everything but you

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